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Easily create a VR space that you can walk around from a smartphone video

Real Estate VR Viewing

AI generates VR spaces from videos taken with smartphones

Next-generation VR property viewing where AI easily and immediately generates VR spaces just by inputting videos taken with smartphones. This solution uses cutting-edge technology to automatically generate VR spaces from videos without the need for special filming equipment or software.

Until now, VR for property viewing required shooting the exterior and interior of properties with a 360-degree camera, followed by editing, which was time-consuming and costly. As the number of properties increased, so did the workload, leading to hesitation among real estate professionals who wanted to adopt VR viewing.

MATRIX's Real Estate VR allows you to instantly generate VR spaces by simply inputting videos of properties taken with smartphones. With the completed VR space, you can experience a realistic property viewing as if you are actually walking through the interior of the property.


Features include:

Firefly A man wearing simple VR goggles WALKING AND looking around the room. He is wearing


Freely walk through the metaverse space


AI voice automatic translation

Automatically translate all conversations in the metaverse

Firefly A woman, a man, and a woman are wearing simple VR goggles and looking around the e


Multiple people (customers and salespeople) can enter the space together


Conversation/Chat (meeting minutes)

Save all conversations in the space as meeting minutes


PC screen sharing

Display the PC screen for additional explanations

For questions or consultations regarding Real Estate VR, please contact us below.

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