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Participate in Events in VR Metaverse spaces!

A platform to share your experiences with the world

Meet new people and enjoy​ Metaverse spaces together

DOKODEMO Door is a “Metaverse space sharing platform” where you can meet new people, gather with friends and family, and enjoy Metaverse spaces together.

Anyone can easily create a World (VR Metaverse space) and hold free Events that anyone can take part in. (Some Events require a fee)






People who hold Events in the Metaverse space (Metaverser)

People attending

the Event

Come together

and enjoy!

​What is DOKODEMO Door?

■What is a World (Metaverse space)?
A virtual space where you can look around in 360° VR. In these spaces, participants can gather and enjoy the Metaverse.

■What does it mean to create a World (Metaverse space)?
Create a space by uploading your own VR content and videos.

■What is an event?
An Event held in a Metaverse space. DOKODEMO Door hosts a variety of Events such as VR travel, live music performances, karaoke, relaxation therapy, and more. Anyone can participate in Events.

■What is a Metaverse?
People who hold and take part in Events in a Metaverse space.

​DOKODEMO Door's 5 features

Gather together and Metaverse spaces

The main feature of DOKODEMO Door is that Event organizers and participants can come together and enjoy Metaverse spaces. ​Everyone can express their opinions and exchange information, and it feels like everyone one is together in the same place.


Live action, not CGI

DOKODEMO Door's Metaverse spaces are not computer graphics, but real video and images. When you enter a space using a VR headset, it feels as if you are standing in the real world. See the sky full of stars, majestic scenery, skyscrapers, and views from above, all of which seem like you are actually there.


With the AI translation function, you can communicate in languages other than those you can speak

DOKODEMO Door's Metaverse spaces feature AI translation. Conversations are instantly translated and displayed in your language. Communication is possible even when languages of participants differ. Experience the feeling of being able to communicate smoothly with someone who speaks an unfamiliar language.


Spaces can be shared and live broadcasts are also possible

If a Metaverser broadcasts live using a 360° camera from their home or travel destination, participants can enjoy Events in a 360° VR. You can see where the Metaverser is from and where they are broadcasting from. Compared to 2D live distribution, this offers a sense of realism and can convey more information. You can also communicate in real time.


Enjoy unique Metaverse experiences

Enjoy experiences unique to Metaverse space. Your avatar can move around in the space and communicate with Metaversers and other participants. Experience things that are a bit different from real life.

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