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Welcome to “DOKODEMO Door,” the creation of humanity's utopia.

“I always wanted to go here!” - Elderly people who can't usually go on trips abroad are beginning to feel young and clear-headed again after experiencing travel in VR.
One question arises here.

Which is more real, 24 hours a day passing the time in the same bed in a care facility, or actively spending time with a variety of different people in a variety of different places out in the outside world? Please consider this carefully.

Japan is heading towards an unprecedented aging society.

Will it be a society full of elderly people who are not allowed to leave care facilities?
Which is really living – this, or traveling all over the world and spending that same time with other people? This is just one example.

There are various handicaps in this world.

The physical distance of the place where you live.
The curse of the language barrier, which has plagued the Japanese for many years.
Inconvenience due to physical disability.
It is unreasonable that whether one is happy or unhappy in life is determined merely by external circumstances.

The reality is that the world is full of handicaps.


What is reality?

Is it the things that you can see with your eyes, hear with your ears, smell with your nose, taste with your mouth, and touch your hands?

If so, then the true identity of the world that everyone thinks of as reality, is in fact nothing more than "electrical signals transmitted to the brain via the five senses."

The reality that everyone exists in is just one of many infinite realities.

There are wonderful worlds outside the world that everyone believes to be the only reality.

This is the implementation of reality (the "meta-real”) in a higher sense.


Here, there are no borders, no language or appearance barriers, no physical impediments, no knowledge gaps, and no handicaps.

It is a completely new world where all disparities and discrimination, which seemed to have been decided based on a lottery, disappear. 

Welcome to “DOKODEMO Door,” the utopia of humanity.

This is our corporate mission.

Representative Director

Junichi Goishi,

February 25 2021

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