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​Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

​We will answer frequently asked questions to our company.

​Q: Is it really free?
A: Yes. Up to 40 minutes per day, up to 2 people can use it free of charge.

​Q: What do I need to use it?
A: You need a regular PC and earphones.

​*It is better to use an earphone microphone.
*We recommend using Google Chrome as your PC browser. Other browsers may not work properly.


​Q: Can more than one person sing at once?
A: You can sing, but we don't recommend it because it causes a delay in the voice.

​Q: I don't see the microphone icon
A: Please click the 🔒 on the left of the URL and change the camera setting from "Block" to "Allow". Please refresh the page after making changes.

​Q: Other participants hear me too quietly
A: Please try the following method.
- Decrease the volume of YouTube videos - Adjust the echo
​・Turn off echo

​Q: I want to use the service without time limits or number of people limits.
Please follow the steps below to complete your payment.

Select this plan → Log in → Select this plan → Follow the steps to complete payment

​Q:Where can I change my payment information?
A: Please follow the steps below to change your payment information.

​ Settings → Billing information → Credit card → Edit card → Save

​Q: I want to cancel my subscription
A: Please follow the steps below to complete the cancellation procedure.

​ Settings → Payment Information → Party Plan → Cancel Plan → OK

MATRIX-text only.png
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