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VR Alliance  Partner Recruitment -Project DOKODEMO Door-

We are actively looking for business partners in the music, sports, karaoke, theater, shopping, education, news, fitness, and therapy industries to create a new VR world with!

Due to the outbreak of Covid-19, people’s daily lives and entertainment have been severely restricted, leading them to take on stress.

Normally healthy industries have declined and are now facing a life-or-death crisis.

 We plan to overcome this by fundamentally changing our way of thinking about the disaster. 

Project 【DOKODEMO Door】 will be a beacon of hope for recovery in the lives of the people and industries which are suffering.

The MetaReal Group is already testing a VR (virtual reality) trip service, 

and many people are excited, expressing astonishment at the experience and its immersive nature. 

Travel is not the only thing that will make a comeback via VR.

Music, sport, karaoke, theatre, shopping, education, news, fitness…

These industries should enjoy equal success in VR as in real life - or rather, increased success.

However, the issue is the distribution rate of the VR devices.

There are not many people who own a VR device, meaning that the business isn’t viable.

Other industries are likely facing the same problem.

“The time is still too early for VR” – here is where we fundamentally change our way of thinking!

We will not wait for the devices to spread; but will distribute them for free and popularize them all at once.

Will you help us in building a world like before Covid-19 – or rather, a new and even better one?!

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