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Create Next-generation Digital Twins with Generative AI

Utilize gaussian splatting to develop next-generation digital twins, which differ from conventional 360-degree images and 3D models. Introducing generative AI for the effortless creation of navigable VR environments.

Transform Smartphone Videos or 2D Drawings into VR Environments

Efficiently generate immersive VR environments from smartphone videos or 2D drawings to enhance comprehension, streamline processes, and expedite project timelines.

mtx-renew-2024 (3).jpeg

Streamline Processes and Reduce Costs

Substantially cut down on expenses and labor by directly converting smartphone videos or 2D drawings into VR environments.

mtx-renew-2024 (1).jpeg

Experience Realistic Virtual Environments

Experience the interior and exterior of architectural projects realistically before construction is completed, mimicking on-site visits within a VR environment created to mirror reality.


Accelerate Project Timelines

Facilitate decision-making through easily understandable virtual representations, leading to faster approvals and abbreviated design cycles. By generating lifelike VR environments from videos or 2D drawings, enhance comprehension, streamline processes, and expedite project timelines.

Addressing Challenges in Architectural Design

In instances where conveying ideas through 2D drawings or 3D models poses difficulties, presenting a more lifelike rendition of the project, closely resembling its eventual completion, can preempt issues both during and after construction.

mtx-renew-2024 (3).jpg

Seamless Visualization of Final Outcome

Through VR visualization of the project's completed state, clients can readily grasp its appearance upon fulfillment.

Comprehensive Visualization from Various Perspectives

Utilizing VR for project visualization diminishes the need for numerous mock-ups and enables thorough examination of potential challenges from diverse viewpoints. This fosters the development of intricate designs with fewer iterations.

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mtx-renew-2024 (5).jpeg

Mitigating Modifications Mid-Construction

By scrutinizing the finalized project in VR from all aspects prior to construction initiation, the need for mid-construction alterations can be minimized. Furthermore, VR facilitates consideration of post-construction modifications, mitigating misunderstandings and discrepancies between clients and design professionals.

Digital Twin Business

Generate VR environments from smartphone videos using generative AI

Effortlessly transform 2D drawings into immersive VR environments within minutes. Explore the finished site before construction commences and witness the outcomes firsthand.


Generate VR environments from 2D drawings using generative AI

Efficiently generate VR environments from standard videos, providing a realistic experience unattainable through 2D footage alone. Gain insights into dimensions, depth, and spatial perception with unparalleled accuracy.



Instantly create VR from smartphone videos or 2D drawings


Walk around the construction site before it's built


Share the image from anywhere in the world

mtx-renew-2024 (1).png

Possible Applications

Easy to use instantly

Input smartphone videos and CAD files

Completion of VR space

If you have any questions about MATRIX's digital twin, please feel free to ask us.



MetaReal Group subsidiary MATRIX launches AI-powered contract development solution that can automatically generate digital twins


"Dokodemo Door" releases New Year's worlds from all over the world for free! <Limited to December 27, 2023 to January 30, 2024>


"Dokodemo Door" releases the world's Christmas world for free! <Limited to December 1, 2023 to December 26, 2023>


“Dokodemo Door” releases free world for a limited time!


Metaverse trip at Asian Market Festa 2023 ~ Realized in collaboration with H.I.S. Co., Ltd. ~


Sunflower Welfare Association begins using [Anywhere Door] ~ VR tour of nursery school to strengthen recruitment of childcare workers ~


MATRIX releases beta version of generation AI "Genesis". Generate metaverse worlds with voice and text spells.


“Learning” mode added to “AI Teacher” that allows you to have English conversations with AI


“AI Buddha” appears to help you with your worries


To refresh your mind. “AI host” is now available!


“Dokodemo Door” Metaverser with monthly income of over 1 million yen is born!


MATRIX completes beta version of generation AI "Genesis". Create a reality metaverse world with a single spell. It is scheduled to be released by invitation only from the second half of June.


“Metareal AI” is available to the public from today! Added 10 more new AI apps to accelerate business support for companies


“Metareal AI” beta version now offers 6 additional AI apps!


Rosetta starts providing "neurassist" internal AI. Quickly build a business support chatbot using internal data.


“Metareal AI” now accepting pre-registrations for public release


Introducing “AI Mama,” an oasis for your heart that listens to you, encourages you, and heals you.


APTO partnership with “Metareal AI”. RLHF and prompt engineers established a system of 1,000 people. Train alignment and prompt technology experts for generative AI such as large-scale natural language models.


Does ChatGPT improve happiness through conversations with elderly people? The reception robot "cinnamon" tested at Haneda Airport is equipped with ChatGPT for the elderly! Try watching robots.


"On-prem GPT by Metareal AI" is now available. Securely harness the power of generative AI.


Flowverse Co., Ltd., which operates the VR psychotherapy world "VR Relaxation ®" on our company MATRIX's metaverse platform "Dokodemo Door", has released a press release regarding numerical improvement in psychological tests for anxiety and depression symptoms.


“Metareal AI” beta version released. We offer a free trial of our generative AI platform.
More than 5,000 companies and hundreds of thousands of Rosetta customers are promoting AI in their business starting today, April 3rd.


An interview article with our CTO, Goji Yonekura, was published in Metaverse Times.


An interview article with our representative Junichi Goishi was published on Metaverse Research Institute.


Released "AI teacher" that allows you to practice English conversation with ChatGPT


Notice regarding executive personnel changes at subsidiary MATRIX

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